After the recent launch PlaybookAI beta testOdds on Compliance Chief Technology Officer Mark Skriva looks at what artificial intelligence and natural language search really means, and how PlaybookAI could affect the future of gaming compliance.

PlaybookAI brings to Playbook natural language search based on artificial intelligence. PlaybookAI will include natural language processing and text classification to offer advanced search capabilities across the comprehensive Playbook database, which contains all the requirements and regulatory documentation by state. This allows subscribers to ask a fully formed question, get a clear answer and read directly from the original source.

First, what is a natural language search?

Older methods of finding answers included exact matching of strings or searching by keywords. Each of these methods required entering a group of words and returning the results. The trouble was: artificial intelligence (AI) was looking for only exact words and had no semantic understanding of the actual issue.

Using natural language search AI has been prepared as an advanced model that understands the complete question being asked, not just returns a keyword search.

How does PlaybookAI work?

The Playbook, from Odds On Compliance, uses an advanced method consisting of a retriever and a reader. For example, if you type in a search, such as “What is the cost of a sports betting license?” The Playbook first scans all available documents and returns a list of the most likely excerpts to look for answers to.

Then the reader, who is trained in our unique modeling to specifically understand the area of ​​compliance with regulatory requirements, seeks in these passages the answer to the exact question.

Using the Playbook extractive question answer to highlight the answer in the text itself. This ensures that no mistakes will occur and the answer will be provided in the context of the original government documents.

Can’t I just use Google, Siri or Alexa?

These systems are great for general knowledge. However, when it comes to a specific case of using, for example, the rules of the game, subscribers need assurances that the answers come from an approved source.

Our team of regulatory experts ensures that source information from each state includes only approved regulations, statutes, formal and informal instructions, technical bulletins and licensing forms. This way, you will get the best probable results of a targeted AI search combined with the best legal brains in the sector.

For analogy, take chess. AI algorithms can erase the board with grandmasters nowadays, but the best human and computer teams are still constantly winning over robots. Algorithms can handle many moves, but human and machine oversight still provides a competitive advantage.

How to use PlaybookAI?

Choose a state or states and ask the Playbook what you like. Subscribers can also select vertical filters and filters by category to further refine their search. When you get your answer, you can click on it to see it highlighted directly in the document. Once you find the answer you are looking for, click on the star icon to save it to your favorites.

What’s next with Playbook AI?

A classification of documents will appear soon. Document Classification occupies all Playbook library documents and automatically determines section classification. This allows subscribers to select a document in the library and select a specific category of interest, such as licensing, marketing, responsible games, etc., and only these sections will be highlighted throughout the document. There are also a number of advanced dashboards for PlaybookAI, so stay tuned.

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