Enterprise platform for cloud data integration, Butterfly, announced the release of Matillion Data Loader 2.0. This update is designed to give businesses the ability to simplify data integration as well as speed up the production of views using a cloud-free cloud experience.

Matillian Data Loader works to provide users with a unified experience for batch download and real-time data collection pipelines based on logs (CDCs), as well as a consumption-based pricing model to help customers better manage data integration costs.

According to the company, this release helps control the complexity of creating and managing data pipelines by simplifying and speeding up the data download process for users.

This platform also offers users predictable prices based on the number of rows loaded per month via batch or CDC pipelines, as well as deep integration into the Matillion ETL for pre-created conversions.

“Using data at speed and scale is a huge difference for businesses. The ability to pass analytics data to more people in the business while maintaining security and management reduces friction and opens the door to new insights, ”said Kiaran Dines, Matillion’s product director. “Matillion Data Loader is an easy-to-use SaaS platform that accelerates data-driven decision-making to give competitive advantage to businesses, regardless of their industry.”

In addition, the capabilities of the CDC Matillion Data Loader allow users to capture and repeat all change events in near real time. CDC is implemented through a hybrid SaaS architecture that allows data to remain in the client environment for end-to-end security.

Integration with Matillion ETL allows you to transform change data and upload it to a data platform for analysis, providing more opportunities for fraud detection, personalization marketing, e-commerce recommendations, compliance auditing, AI / ML simulation and other uses.

To download and start using Matillion Data Loader 2.0, click here.

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