Back in July 2020 Megan you’re a stallion was shot with both feet as well with both Tori Lanez and her former best friend Kelsey Nicole. Megan called Tori for the fact that she shot her after a quarrel broke out in the car they were driving in, and Tori continues to maintain her innocence in the situation.

The filming not only led to the termination of her friendship with Tori, but also with Kelsey Nicole. During her interview with Rolling StoneMegan told of the night of the shooting and said: “I thought everyone in the car was my friends, [and] they didn’t think that way about me all the time. “

So far, she has said very little about ending her friendship with Kelsey. Speaking of Kelsey’s sense of betrayal, Megan said Kelsey met with the Tories less than two days after the shooting.

She said, “I say, “Kelsey, as my best friend, why do you date the man you saw shooting your best friend?” She said, “Megan, you didn’t answer my calls.” My back lay against the wall. I didn’t know what to do. ” What, h ** k, do you mean you’re back to the wall? You are the only person in this situation who would clarify this for me. “

Megan went on to elaborate on what Kelsey reportedly told her.

«This girl told me out of her mouth, “He told me,‘ Oh, thank you for not saying anything. And now let me invest in your business. Let me do that. Let me do it. ” And all I know is that she hasn’t said anything about the whole situation on the Internet since that day, ”she said.

After the interview came out, Megan Kelsey said in her Instagram: “I knew it was going to happen. This is just the beginning. I know you want me to talk, but this is just the beginning. When it’s my turn, just know that I’ll break everything, h ** k. “

Touched by the shooting, Megan also told Mancapru Conte of Rolling Stone: “No one knows I had to have surgery that night. I stayed in a hospital in California for about four days. Then I was in New York for a while. My both legs tightened. I couldn’t walk. I still have bullet fragments in my legs. I was very afraid that I could no longer be Megan You Stallion. And I was outraged. “

Back in April, during an interview with Gail King Meg spoke about the shooting and touched on a former friendship with the Torah and said, “We didn’t meet, we were very close. We were friends, hanging out like every day, and his mom was gone too. I feel like we got in touch because of it. ”

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