A South Boardman woman used her deceased mother’s ID and credit card to charge more than $12,000, cops said. Michigan State Police arrested her after her brother tipped her off.


A woman accused of using her late mother’s credit card and her identity has been arrested after her brother went to police, Michigan authorities say.

The mother of a 34-year-old South Boardman woman recently died, Michigan State Police said in an Aug. 4 news release. Soon after, the daughter began using the deceased mother’s credit card, charging her more than $12,000, police said.

She also used her deceased mother’s identity to apply for additional credit cards, authorities said.

Officials learned about the illegal activity when the woman’s brother contacted them in April.

Police said they obtained and executed a search warrant at the woman’s residence, uncovering additional evidence that led to the July 17 arrest warrant.

The woman turned herself in to the Kalkaska County Jail on Wednesday, Aug. 3, according to the release.

She was arraigned in District Court on Wednesday and charged with one count of identity theft, one count of false identification for a financial transaction device, one count of theft/possession of a financial transaction device without consent and one count of false appearance, officials said.

South Boardman is about 125 miles north of Grand Rapids.

Aspen Pflughoeft covers the news in real time for McClatchy. She graduated from Minerva University where she studied communications, history and international politics. She previously reported for the Deseret News.

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