The handsome man will finally get a name “Amazing Mrs. Meisel” fifth season. As reported TVLine, Mila Ventimiglia returns to “Mrs. Meisel” last season – and this time he can say more than one sentence. The news comes after “It’s us” The widely publicized part of the star in the fourth season turned out to be mostly an unspoken part.

In the fourth season, Ventimiglia played a character simply known as Handsome, who flirts intensely with Midge (Rachel Brosnachen). However, when they spontaneously connect, the wife of his character comes to them. This forces Midge to hastily leave without her happy dress. The small role reunited Ventimiglia with “Gilmar Girls” and executive producers “Mrs. Meisel” Amy Sherman-Paladin and Daniel Paladin, but it also made fans want more.

The good news is that viewers will see more Ventimiglia when the Amazon Prime Video series returns last season. “We’ll see a beautiful, more voluminous part 2 about Mila and Rachel,” Daniel told TVLine. He also revealed that the beauty will be given a name. However, he kept quiet about the exact details that would push the character to reappear in Midge’s life.

Ventimigli’s appearance in the fifth season is not entirely unexpected, as the actor has repeatedly told how happy he was to appear in the fourth season. In February, the actor told TVLine that he had never lost touch with Paladin. “Once Gilmar wrapped up, we kept talking,” he said. “I kept them close to my world and they kept me close to theirs for a very long time. So when Amy called and said, ‘Hey, you’d come [on the show]? ‘ I said, “Absolutely everything you need.” So it is [was] just fine. They are such good people. And as an actor, it’s always nice to work with creative writers who care so much about work, results and process. “

Gilmar Girls“Fans will be happy to know that Ventimiglia is not the only former Stars Hollow resident to return to” Mrs. Maisel ”in the fifth season. TVLine previously confirmed that Kelly Bishop will also reprise her role in Benedetta’s fourth matchmaking season. Other actors from the four seasons include Eddie Kay Thomas, Peter Friedman and Chloe Kervin. In addition, the favorites of the fourth season, Alfie Fuller, who plays Susie’s assistant, Dina, and Reed Scott, who acted as host of the talk show Gordon Ford, received the status of a regular series.

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