One thing Ari Fletcher and Moneybagg Yothey confirm their relationship through words.

On Friday, Moneybagg took to Twitter to let the world know that they have an unbreakable love.

He tweeted:

Ari and I love life unbreakable

He kept saying:

I really don’t give a shit about what no one thinks … I live my life the way I want

Speaking of couples, they landed spread out Paper magazine for Valentine’s Dayand they decided to give us an idea of ​​their love.

Dressed in underwear, Ari all smiled with her almost three-year-old man. From the hotel bedroom, filled with balloons, rose petals and bottles of champagne, to the yacht, the two lovers shared personal moments of their relationship.

They also shared a private conversation with each other. They discussed how they met, favorite gifts and more.

Manibeg shared a story about how he met Ari when she went shopping, but later asked to see if they could contact.

Oh, I saw her at the mall or somewhere shopping, and there was too much going on at the time, so I felt like I couldn’t make my shot in that particular place, and then I had to turn to mutual friends and people. which we know and I said, “Hey, there’s a big party going on in Atlanta, make sure she’ll be there” and stuff like that and I went there and they set it up for me and I went to this section and the rest of the story .

As you know, Ari and Moneybeg love to give each other first-class gifts. Only last year Ari bought Manibeg Maybach as a birthday present, and the following year she bought him land for it 30th anniversary.

Speaking of favorite gifts, he said:

Actually it was great, but I feel like the second birthday with you was even better. The first one I liked was fun and we were active, but the biggest gift was probably the second one. Maybach and the rest were cool, but the land (I gave you) was the best.

Too ka-yute!

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