Anxieties are buzzing while families to hide. Men take up arms in the name of protecting their country and the people they love. The disturbing images and videos documenting these scenes have seen millions around the world as Russia continues to invade Ukraine.

The invasion has left more than 350,000 schoolchildren without access to education, according to a recent one published report from UNICEF. The report, which calls for more than $ 66 million in donations to help and provide Ukrainians with access to basic services, highlights how education has been affected by the ongoing conflict.

According to the report, a total of six educational facilities in the country have been damaged, and schools in “territories not controlled by the government” have been closed since the beginning of last week. The education ministry said 33 schools with about 5,500 students had closed for full-time study due to “insecurity in areas along the line of contact.”

“The direct and indirect consequences of the protracted conflict in eastern Ukraine continue to have a significant impact on the lives of children and young people,” the organization said, “leaving families on both sides of the line of contact who are in urgent need of continued humanitarian assistance.”

Assistance groups arrive at Medica border crossing in Poland to help Ukrainians fleeing the country on saturday. The organization’s chief communications officer said UNICEF was working across eastern Ukraine to provide assistance that included safe water and emergency education facilities as close as possible to “communities near the line of contact.”

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