The experimental nature of Art “quiet place” sets it apart from most horror films, but the film’s use of silence to get on the audience’s nerves is only part of what makes it special. Basically, A Quiet Place and its sequel, A Quiet Place II these are stories about parental love and family. Yes, there are aliens lurking on the periphery and all sorts of apocalyptic drama to deal with, but nothing is more important to Evelyn’s parents (Emily Blunt) and Lee (John Krasinski), than provide stability to their children.

And they are not alone. The horror genre is full of moms and dads who would do anything to keep their kids safe. As expected “A Quiet Place 3” (and you will have to wait a long time – the film will not be released until 2025!), these 16 movies are similar to the original movie illustrate parental devotion.