A new Malayan tiger has appeared in the Zoo of Naples. This is after their previous Malayan tiger, Eco was shot when there cleaning the man put his hand through the cage.

This new tiger is now called One, but that is changing and we will all have to wait until November 17th to learn the new name One.

That’s when the zoo gala is held. There will be an auction for the opportunity to rename the tiger.

Zoo visitors and staff are just happy to have the tiger back.

Jennifer Halm has not lived in Naples for long, but she has visited the Zoo of Naples half a dozen times. She likes it so much that she brought her daughter out of town.

When Eco’s tiger was killed, he hit Halma hard.

“Naples is a small community, you know, and I think it has affected a lot of people,” Halm said. “It broke my heart. He didn’t want to shoot this poor tiger. “

Now the zoo has a new Malayan tiger, a six-year-old child nicknamed “One”. He arrived a week ago from the Virginia Zoo through a species survival plan program.

“I’m glad they have another one so the kids can see it at my daughter’s,” Halm said.

This is a chance to help society and zoo staff heal.

“We are happy with the return of the tiger, but he has certain feelings. But I’ll tell you one, he’s been here for about a week, and he’s stealing the hearts of the staff very quickly, and I’m sure he’ll be with the community, “said Liane Rothman, director of animal programs at the Naples Zoo.

They steal hearts and hopefully educate the public.

“We think it’s very important for tigers to be able to tell a story, and that’s why we want to tell that story through one and teach people to preserve nature. There are less than 200 Malayan tigers in the wild, ”Rothman said.

One less, when Eco disappeared, and until a new big cat appeared in the city, employees will never forget Eco.

“No, you don’t. I mean, it was a difficult situation, but we just want to keep the positive energy, ”Rothman said.

The zoo staff is still experiencing complex emotions of happiness and constant grief for Eco.

Eco’s legacy lives on as the face of the zoo’s tiger conservation fund.

The new tiger is a chance for the Naples Zoo and the community to move on and continue to support the Malayan tigers.

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