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When it comes to booking NBA bets on the future of the championship, the obligations are not created equal behind the shelves of bookmakers in Las Vegas.

Bookmakers oppose or oppose certain teams, and the odds vary accordingly depending on how many actions they write.

Such a team as Brooklyn Nets never created much responsibility in most stores because of the superstar’s potential. Although this has not been fully implemented, the combination with Kevin Durant, Caire Irving and James Harden there was always enough to attract the public interest, so there was no need to deal with the Nets with great chances.

Ordinary wisdom will tell you what books will be in bad shape with Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics meeting in the 2022 NBA Finals, given that both teams opened the season with double-digit chances for the title.

This is not the case at the Westgate SuperBook in Las Vegas.

Their result will be positive regardless of the outcome of the next series of the best of the seven. Why? Because their risk room was the lowest on the Golden State Market with Jump Street, and they hurried to adjust Boston’s title odds before the C-band hotspot continued in March and April.

“We were in a very good position at the Celtics for the title, so we had a lot of room to work,” said Jeff Sherman, vice president of SuperBook Risk Management at FOX Sports. “I was a little above the price of the Warriors series and I took drastic action against the Celtics +145. This is definitely the purchase price for sharp devices.

“We’ll win a little bit if the Warriors win the title, and a decent amount if the Celtics win it. From this point of view, there is nothing wrong with us. We have the opportunity to go through the series to shape things the way we want based on our future positions. ”

Sherman and I often compare notes, and he has been warning me about this Celtics team since January.

“If they ever get together, they can be dangerous,” he told me when the Celtics averages played 500 to 50 games and struggled with teeth and nails to stay relevant in the busy Eastern Conference.

Then suddenly Boston flicked the switch.

In early February, the Celtics played nine wins in a row, and fortunately Sherman did not sleep behind the wheel. Sure, he made small bets with high odds, but he got ahead, constantly cutting their futures to minimize liability.

“They started pushing and winning games by a wide margin,” Sherman recalled. “We are talking about victories with 30 and 40 points against such teams Miami and Brooklyn and Branch. No matter how deep the East was this year, these beatings were to some extent still unnoticed.

“It was impossible not to notice how Boston played on the stretch.”

Much credit should go to head coach C Name Udok. When Brad Stevens got a comfortable job in the office after Danny Egg left the stage, Udoki’s task was to turn a team from a longtime unreachable into a contender for the championship.

So far, he has passed the test successfully.

“Udoka deserves a lot of respect,” Sherman said. Boston had almost the same team last season and it didn’t work out. And while the Celtics fought earlier this season, it took this group of guys time to take part in the Udoki system and be where they are. today.

“The product on the floor is the result of Udoka bringing them together.”

All this obscene praise from the Celtics makes me disgusting – probably because the Warriors will win the title, so let’s pay attention to the core of the Golden State, behind which are three NBA championships.

Stephen Curry, Clay Thompson and Drayman Green many times have succeeded on this stage, and there is a good chance that they will not be intimidated by the tense final of the NBA Finals.

“They’ve all been there before, but there are also a lot of young people on this side,” Sherman said. “[Andrew] Wiggins was not the center of attention, and Jordan Poole made a big step forward, but is he ready for the NBA Finals?

“Golden State” will count on a large number of young people and experience for the first time in a very long time. If the supporting actors fail to meet the agreement, it could be a disappointment for the Warriors.

If it wasn’t yet crystal clear, Sherman believes Boston will send Golden State and win his 18th World Cup in franchise history. That would push the Celtics one title ahead Los Angeles Lakers for the largest number in league history.

It’s a bold move by betting against Curry & Co., but realistically recognized as real.

“Ultimately, I think Boston’s defense will undermine Golden State’s attacking abilities,” Sherman predicted. “The Warriors have not seen such a defense on their way to the final. Protecting the Celtics from the Warriors’ youth is the biggest key for me. “

Sam Panayotovich is a betting analyst at FOX Sports and NESN. He previously worked for WGN Radio, NBC Sports and VSiN. He will probably choose against your favorite team. Follow him on Twitter @spshoot.

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