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New York City health officials issued a recommendation On Monday, New Yorkers are urged to wear masks in all public places indoors when the city approaches a state of “high risk” COVID-19.

Health Commissioner Ashwin Wasan said everyone, “regardless of vaccination status or COVID-19 infection,” should wear face masks at all times in conditions such as grocery stores, offices and foyer buildings. He said people at high risk for severe viral diseases, such as those over 65, should avoid crowded places and trivial gatherings.

Wasan said he was issuing instructions when the city was approaching a “high” level of warning about COVID-19 at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which means high prevalence in the community and increasing pressure on health care system.

In the last week in New York, an average of about 3,600 new cases of COVID-19 were registered per day, and this figure is probably underestimated because it does not include positive tests done at home.

The daily number of cases has been growing slowly since March, but has recently leveled off somewhat.

The CDC’s risk levels for Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island are currently “medium”, while the Bronx is still “low”. But a lot of others metropolitan area has already moved into the CDC’s “high-risk” category, the level at which masks are recommended in all enclosed public places.

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