NEW YORK (WABC) – New York is launching a new model of mental health treatment to address gaps in the mental health system.

Ongoing interaction between the community and treatment at the clinic or CONNECT is a pilot program at the moment.

It will be launched at nine clinics in high-demand areas in the Bronx, Manhattan and Brooklyn. They are currently taking recommendations.

In full, CONNECT will serve up to 900 new clients and expand the range of services for all who receive mental health services in clinics.

“New Yorkers who are struggling with their mental health deserve sympathy and support – that’s exactly what CONNECT provides,” said New York City Mayor Eric Adams. “The city is constantly innovating to provide the best care for New Yorkers who need it most, and CONNECT will target communities to help and close gaps, making sure more New Yorkers get the help they need and don’t get caught. between the cracks of the system ”.

Depending on the needs of the community, some clinics may have a legal clinic a couple of times a week, while others may liaise with existing public services such as legal advocacy, housing assistance, employment service providers or food chambers.

Unique to this model, each clinic will have full public relations with these staff, which will establish a lasting relationship between the clinic and its community and set behavioral health priorities and solutions. Examples of these solutions may include providing services throughout the day, facilitating referral and access for people involved in justice, and immediate admission to the clinic for people who refuse more intensive treatment.

CONNECT clinics will provide virtual services as well as on-site and on-site services. Based on community feedback and needs assessment, the CONNECT program may also offer individual and group activities in non-traditional settings, such as soup kitchens.

Peers will participate in the program by providing interaction and navigation through medical, mental and social services to people in and outside the area. The city argues that providing this level of support helps aid and promote service continuity by preventing people from falling into the loophole during redirects between systems.

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