NEW YORK (WABC) – A first-of-its-kind plan to offer a minimum wage for app-based food delivery workers was announced Wednesday in New York, but among the big questions is who will pay for it?

New York offers a minimum wage of $23.82 an hour for those working through programs like Grubhub or Door Dash.

It’s not exactly easy money for food vendors.

“I don’t know where the money is going,” said delivery girl Diva Joba.

Jobo says he is paid a flat rate for delivery.

Taking an order from the Upper West Side to the Upper East Side would only cost him $6.

He earns an average of $120 a day for a 12-hour day. He says he makes about $10 an hour on a typical day.

Another problem, Alpha Bach says, is that without a set salary, how much he makes an hour can fluctuate wildly.

“Yes, it also depends on how busy you are and how far you have to travel,” Bach said.

That’s why the city’s Office of Consumer and Labor Protection has proposed a first-of-its-kind minimum wage for the city’s 60,000 workers.

$19.86 of that is the base rate, plus $2.26 for worker’s compensation and $1.70 for not having workers’ compensation insurance.

Because delivery programs classify their workers as independent contractors, they do not receive minimum wage or benefits.

An Uber East spokesperson blasting the proposal said in a statement: “A day after repealing a rule universally hated by TLC drivers, the city is proposing a nearly identical rule for delivery drivers that would force apps to block couriers when and where they want.”

Managers say they have to sell the apps at a lower price so that after all the fees are added, the customer ends up paying the same price.

However, this means that the restaurant takes a hit.

Now there is concern that they may be forced to sell the apps at an even greater discount.

A Door Dash spokesperson added, “Unfortunately, the proposed rule does not adequately address this flexibility or the fact that dashers can choose which deliveries they accept and which they reject. If left unaddressed, this could significantly increase delivery costs.”

A public hearing on the proposal will be held on December 16.

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