Surprising NFL the player gets a lot of bets to win the NFL MVP award next season.

Hint: he’s started two more games in the league than you probably have, and he hasn’t yet been officially named his team’s starting defender.

Another tip: this player has received more recent bets on the MVP in Caesars Sportsbook than the firmly entrenched megastars Aaron Rogers with Packersfour-time NFL MVP, and Patrick Mahomes with ChiefsMVP of 2018.

More bets than Mahomes and Rogers combined!

Yes, you read that right, the stakes are supportive 49ers QB, Trey Lanceto win an NFL MVP award.

Third choice in the 2021 NFL Draft, who started just two games in his professional career.

A quarterback who has made just five touchdowns and two interceptions in six games and has a 41-on-71 pass (57.7%) on 603 yards and a QB rating of 97.3 for his career.

Lance, who opened with a score of 200-1 to win an award on the Caesars Sportsbook, dropped to 60-1 after the influx of bets.

“The situation with Lance is ambiguous,” said Adam Poulenc, assistant director of commerce at Caesars Sportsbook. Jimmy Garopolo still in San Francisco. There are questions as to whether Lance will be able to be a guy. We just don’t know he never played a full season.

“If Goroppala disappears, Lance’s chances will be reduced even more. That’s what people are speculating about, that’s why he’s moved so much already. Lance and Brady are two of our biggest responsibilities for the MVP.”

But every bookmaker is different. Both BetMGM and FOX Bet have not seen much betting on the aforementioned second-year QB.

“We have not seen such action against Lance in our MVP market,” said AJ Devine at FOX Bet Sports Trade. “More or less common for us, except maybe Chargers QB Justin Herbert to be a fashionable choice ”.

Here are the bets available on Lance, as well as the favorites of the bets in this category, by address FOX Bet:

MVP of the regular season

Patrick Mahams, Head of QB, +600 (bet $ 10 to win $ 70 in total)

Josh AllenBills QB, +700 (bet $ 10 to win $ 80)

Aaron Rogers, Packers QB, +800 (bet $ 10 to win $ 90)

Tom Brady, Buccaneers QB, +850 (bet $ 10 to win $ 95)

Justin Herbert, Chargers QB, +1000 (bet $ 10 to win $ 110)

Trey Lance, 49ers QB, +4000 (bet $ 10 to win $ 410)

Jimmy Garopolo49ers QB, +5000 (bet $ 10 to win $ 510)


Cooper Coop, Sheep WR, +800 (bet $ 10 to win $ 90 in total)

Jonathan Taylor, Colts RB, +900 (bet $ 10 to win $ 100)

Trey Lance, 49ers QB, +6600 (bet $ 10 to win $ 670)

Jimmy Garopolo, 49ers QB, +30000 (bet $ 10 to win $ 3,010)

For comparison, Herbert, the No. 10 pick in the 2020 draft, has started 32 games in his NFL career and has 839 assists on 1,267 (66.2%) on 9,350 yards, 69 touchdowns and 25 interceptions.

Like any other futures market, the odds of an MVP are variable. And a lot can happen from now until the NFL season. But as usual, we will protect you, so take a look soon.

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