Nick Cannon makes sure the whole family lives great! On Wednesday, Bre Tissey shared photos of herself and her naked baby breast during a prenatal vacation. A few hours later Abby De La Rosa, the mother of his twins Zion and Zilion, shared a close-up of the new Range Rover that Nick had given her. Meanwhile, Nick was silent about his childhood adventures and luxury deliveries on his social profiles.

Bre and Nick pose for a children’s lunar movie on the beach

Bre Thies took to her ‘gram with some beach movies of her and Nick. Dressed in a bright orange top bikini and a maxi skirt to match, Bre smiled, holding hands, posing and pressing her lips to the father of her unborn child. Nick also showcased his pearly white colors when he paired a Bre fly with an orange hat and a colorful beach outfit.

“Babymoonin,” Bre wrote in her signature. “I still just can’t believe it … Baby mom and dad already love you so much.”

It is unclear whether Nick and Bra are in a formal romantic relationship. But this is not the first time a 30-year-old girl has shared photos of an intimate moment between them.

In April, a real estate agent published what appeared savory photos for pregnant women. We speak of a leg raised to Nick’s waist with a head tucked into her neck, intimately. Bre is expecting her first child and is raising an eighth from Nick.

Nick Gifts Abby De La Rosa New Range Rover

Literally hours after Bra published her walk along the shores, Abby De La Rose shared what she called the “sweetest” gesture involving Nick. They share twin boys named Zion and Zillion. Abby went into her Insta Story to thank Nick for taking care of her with a new vehicle – a matte black Range Rover, to be exact.

“I got the sweetest delivery yesterday! You all already know that my range was hated, “Abby wrote.” This time Bd wanted them to hate harder !! Thanks Nick for the crazy update. “

Abby only partially glanced at the hood of the truck. But her excitement erupted in the smileys in her message, from the crying face to the white heart and head that exploded. Abby recently published footage of parents experiencing the first joint steps of their son Zion on the playground. Nick was on the assistant as the child walked, and Abby sat next to Zillion, her legs crossed.

“Today our son Zion went !!! & Zillion next !! We are so amazed at all their progress! Watching them group together is so amazing !!! We are blessed !! My sons are growing up !! I will never forget this day. “

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