It was all a lie! Nicki Minaj took the number one spot on Twitter on Monday after an Instagram account claiming to be her former assistant made numerous posts about Nicki, her family and even her finances. According to Onika, the vodka account was nothing but a lie.

An Instagram account registered to Kate Miller posted almost 50 posts threatening to reveal secrets about the rapper.

I am Onika’s former assistant whom she fired for lack of evidence of fraud on her bank account. I am disclosing all the files I have from working for her, as well as the voicemails she sent me regarding various people.’

In a series of additional posts, the account claimed that Nicki owed the IRS $173 million in unpaid taxes. Other reports claimed she paid to have her song ‘Freaky Girl’ hit the music charts, and that Nicki and Kenneth Petty named their son Amadeus Cyril Petty, despite the couple’s decision not to reveal his birth name .

Nicki went live to shut down the accusations, saying she believes the entire fandom is trying to “get rid” of her. She also laughed off the idea that her “assistant” was trying to spill her tea online.

Every day I learn that you are getting dumber and dumber. I was on Twitter the other day and I saw this whole fanbase, bitch. They laid out an entire spreadsheet that said, “Here’s what we have to do to finally get rid of Nikki.” And they were saying all kinds of crap and I was just like, ‘Wow, that’s boring.’

I’m amazed at how stupid people are. That people really believe that I have someone working for me and now they are pouring tea, Chili. But that’s not even the point. The sound of tea is so damn dull. And in order for a person to believe this, one must be stupid. Obviously a child.’

The Instagram page has since been deleted.

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