NEW YORK (WABC) – COVID is not over. One example is the fact that about 20 New York judges are now positive on COVID after they visited a retreat in Mantauku last weekend, reports published reports.

Some of the judges were able to return to work without symptoms. About 70 judges were present at the retreat.

They are in masks, because everyone should be in masks in state courts.

An independent CDC advisory committee is expected to meet on Thursday and recommend Pfizer vaccinations for children ages 5-11.

This comes after the FDA approved the shooting of Pfizer earlier this week.

If recommended, boosters can be issued as early as Friday.

The boosters are designed for children five months after the completion of their initial series of vaccines.

With the rise of cases New York came in “high level of readiness”..

Mayor Eric Adams and the New York Department of Health are now urging people to do so use masks in publicincluding schools.

However, the mayor says there are currently no plans to return the mask mandate.

“Options will appear. If every option that comes up, we go into thoughts of stopping work, panic, we will not function as a city,” Adams said. “We are very strategic and we are fighting COVID not only with tools we didn’t have before, but we are also fighting COVID using the intelligence we need to win in the COVID environment.”

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Asked what former adviser to Mayor Bill de Blasio, Dr Jay Varma, often weighs on the Adams administration’s policies, the mayor thanked him for his services but did not warn.

“I hope the doctor respects my role as mayor,” Adams said. “I hope he will respect that and will not constantly weigh in and allow us to do the work we supported when he was commissioner of the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.”

Map: 7-day positive indicators on the postal code:

The Department of Education also sent a letter to families recommending that all public school students over the age of 2 wear masks.
“We recommend that everyone over the age of 2 wear a mask that fits well in all public places, including schools and preschool education (ECE) programs, even if it is not required,” the letter said. “Encourage your child to wear a mask while attending school or the ECE program, as well as gathering with friends. Your child’s school has masks.”

New Yorkers can find the most convenient place for them to issue tests and hours of work by visiting the city Test page on COVID-19. New Yorkers with disabilities who need help or have questions about home test kits should call 311. Those who are deaf or hard of hearing and use American Sign Language can call by videophone at 646-396-5830.

New Yorkers who test positive at home can call 212-COVID19 to connect to resources such as free food delivery and care. The aid packages include personal protective equipment (PPE) for a family of three quarantined, two rapid tests for antigen at home and other essentials to help New Yorkers safely isolate themselves.

Several COVID-19 treatments are available to people over the age of 12 and can be delivered to New York City homes for free. For more information on COVID-19 treatment, please call 212-COVID19 and press 9 or visit
By calling 212-COVID19, New Yorkers can immediately contact a doctor who can refer them for treatment with monoclonal antibodies or prescribe antiviral drugs such as Paxlovid, and arrange for free delivery of them home the same day.


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