Hope spring is eternal like NFL teams added players during the recent NFL draft.

Now it’s time to aim for the LVII Super Cup. Here are the Super Bowl futures ratios for each team at the 2023 Super Bowl in Glendale, Arizona.

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Buffalo Bills: +650 (bet $ 10 to win $ 75 in total)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: +750 (bet $ 10 to win $ 85 in total)
Kansas City Chiefs: +900 (bet $ 10 to win $ 100 in total)
Green Bay Packers: +1000 (bet $ 10 to win $ 110)
Los Angeles Rams: +1000 (bet $ 10 to win $ 110)
San Francisco 49ers: +1400 (bet $ 10 to win $ 150 in total)
Denver Broncas: +1500 (bet $ 10 to win $ 160)
Dallas Cowboys: +1600 (bet $ 10 to win $ 170 in total)
Los Angeles Chargers: +1600 (bet $ 10 to win $ 170 in total)
Cincinnati Bengals: +1800 (bet $ 10 to win $ 190 in total)
Baltimore Crows: +1900 (bet $ 10 to win $ 200)
Cleveland Browns: +2000 (bet $ 10 to win $ 210)
Indianapolis Colts: +2500 (bet $ 10 to win $ 260)
Tennessee Titans: +2500 (bet $ 10 to win $ 260)
Arizona Cardinals: +2500 (bet $ 10 to win $ 260)
Philadelphia Eagles: +3000 (bet $ 10 to win $ 310 in total)
Patriots of New England: +3300 (bet $ 10 to win $ 340 in total)
Miami Dolphins: +3300 (bet $ 10 to win $ 340 in total)
New Orleans Saints: +4000 (bet $ 10 to win $ 410)
Minnesota Vikings: +4000 (bet $ 10 to win $ 410)
Las Vegas Raiders: +4000 (bet $ 10 to win $ 410)
Washington commanders: +6000 (bet $ 10 to win $ 610 in total)
Pittsburgh Steelers: +7000 (bet $ 10 to win $ 710 in total)
Chicago Bears: +7000 (bet $ 10 to win $ 710 in total)
Seattle Seahawks: +8000 (bet $ 10 to win $ 810 in total)
New York Jets: +10000 (bet $ 10 to win $ 1010)
New York Giants: +10000 (bet $ 10 to win $ 1010)
Carolina Panthers: +10000 (bet $ 10 to win $ 1010)
Jacksonville Jaguars: +10000 (bet $ 10 to win $ 1010)
Detroit Lyons: +12500 (bet $ 10 to win $ 1,260 in total)
Atlanta Falcons: +15000 (bet $ 10 to win $ 1,510 in total)
Texas Houston: +22500 (bet $ 10 to win $ 2,260 in total)

* coefficients on 23.05.2022

So where should you bet? FOX Sports Betting analyst Geoff Schwartz looks at a couple of key contenders at each conference (odds at the time of writing):

Chiefs: +900 on FOX Bet ($ 10 bet to win $ 100 total)

“The Chiefs suffered an epic crash in the AFC Championship that prevented them from returning to their third consecutive Super Cup. But they are rightfully the favorites to win the 2022 Super Cup because of Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reed. For four full seasons together.” The Chiefs “played four AFC Championship games and played in two Super Cups, winning one. It was the worst season for Mahoms, he threw 4,800 yards and won 12 games.

“The Chiefs will use the last half of the season as motivation for next season. Bretch Wich, general manager of the Chiefs, has identified his work in the off-season to improve the roster. The main target is a pass, corner back and another wide receiver. I expect that they will add these pieces and return to the AFC championship game. ”

Accounts: +650 on FOX Bet ($ 10 bet to win $ 75)

The Bills were the AFC’s best team this season, but failed to close the Chiefs in the divisional round, however, it’s hard to deny their ability to build their roster based on their strengths while turning to weaknesses to slow down passive attacks. Tre’Davious White is back in his second, this defense will continue to be solid next season.

“Josh Allen is one of the brightest young defender defenders in this league, and although he can be a player with high differentials, his highs are so good that you can ignore some bad moments. I’m worried about their attack with offensive coordinator Brain Dobol goes to head coaching the Giants. In general, the Beals will benefit from a game in a weak division and they should be at the top of the AFC all season. They just need to beat the Chiefs in the playoffs.

Titans: +2500 on FOX Bet (bet $ 10 to win $ 260 in total)

“I wouldn’t bet on the Titans at the moment, but if they upgrade their defender from Tanehil, they could be an interesting streak for the AFC. They train well and continue to win under Sparrow, but just don’t have the QB to win the Super Cup.

“If you noticed, I didn’t mention ‘Rams’ and ‘Bengals.’ see the next season they are back in this place.They went all-in and did it.The mission is accomplished.

“I’ve been discussing the Bengals’ success this season and I’m not going to beat them anymore after that defeat. But I would bet that the Bengals won’t make the playoffs next season until their chances for the Super Cup.”

Meanwhile, FOX Sports Betting analyst Jason McIntyre has four longshoes that missed this postseason:

Chargers: +2000 on FOX Bet at the time of choice (bet $ 10 to win $ 210), currently +1600

The Chargers have just missed the playoffs, losing literally in the last game of the regular season in overtime. They have perhaps the best young QB in the NFL Justin Herbert – apologizes to Joe Barrow – and talent surrounds him insultingly. The foundation is there for another launch next season. ”

Vikings: +4000 on FOX Bet (bet $ 10 to win $ 410 in total)

“You want to go on the ground floor so the Vikings win the division and get into the Super Cup because Aaron Rogers can leave Green Bay Packers. The rest of the division has two non-contenders Chicago and Detroit. “The Vikings participated in the NFC Championship in 2018, and two years later won the playoffs.”

Giants: +10000 on FOX Bet (bet $ 10 to win $ 1,010 in total)

“If you’re looking to buy low-level NFC stocks, say hello to the Giants. The team’s winning streak was 7.5, and it won only four games in 2021, with unfortunately not available in all aspects. But they pressed update button this season.

“The Giants have hired Brian Deball, one of the best players in the NFL to become Josh Allen to star in Buffalo. The defense was just slightly below the league average. Recall they play in a division with Cowboys (transitional offseason ahead?), Eagles (many QB questions) and Washington (same). Talent in qualified positions is in the top 10 in the NFL, and the only big issue is the defender. “

Jaguars: +10000 on FOX Bet ($ 10 bet to win $ 1,010 in total)

Last season, the Jaguars were a major disaster: NFL first-year coach Urban Meyer did not make it to Christmas, and one of their first-round elections (Travis Etienne) was not played due to injury. Trevor Lawrence – with bookmarks as a prospect not to be missed – led the NFL with 17 interceptions and had eight games with one touchdown.

“Now, the good news: they’ll get the number one player again, and they’ll have third place. Add head coach Doug Pederson, who is tuned to QB, who won the Super Bowl with a backup Nick Falls, and there is potential for a quick turnaround. “

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