On Thursday, celebrity MUA, Olivia songthere were a few interesting things to see for women who questioned her blackness.

After Olivia received lipoprosthesis of her chin and arms, on her IG page the commenter allegedly mentioned that she wanted to be black. The comment read:

Okay now not too. We know you want to be black, but you braid braids ??? Too far and you know it!

Olivia has taken up her stories at IG to appeal to commentators and to people who question her Blackness.

She said in the video:

You unfortunate black bitch, stop telling me I’m trying to be black. My dad is a fool. I’m crazy, B *** G!

She kept telling people to come to her.

Book me and bring that energy to where I am. It’s that simple, book me. Bring that energy. You spit here.

Oli also said:

I would not give af ** k if I were Irish. I would like to braid braids, ovaries. and no one will check on me. Are you stupid

She apologized to “real black women” and wrote in part:

I feel sorry for real black women who do not perpetuate color and do not question the “blackness” of people and do not accuse mixed women of appropriating the culture in which I was born.

Next Olivia also said she knows it’s “more such women [than] ignorant. “

Olivia has also posted a video of herself talking to her Nigerian father.

Cameras, what do you think of that?

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