The man accused of storming the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 stood before Collier County commissioners and asked for their help.

Christopher Warrell urges them to act after he says his rights have been denied. He is currently under GPS control after he was released from federal custody.

Telling his story to county commissioners, Warrell was emotional, even crying at times, but is he charged by the federal, so what can county commissioners do? Commissioner Rick Locastra says his task is to steer Warrell in the right direction.

Governments at the federal, state, and local levels can be deadlocked.

Christopher Warrell, a resident of Naples, is facing federal charges for participating in the January 6 uprising. He asks for help, but does not reach the right people.

“Good morning, Commissioners, I am Christopher Warrell, political prisoner 377183,” Warrell told Collier County Commissioners on Tuesday.

Warrell was arrested two months after attending events at the Capitol in January.

“On March 12, 2021, federal agents raided, raided my residence, deployed grenades, parked a special forces tank in front of my front door and kept my wife under a gun for hours, and I wasn’t even home,” Warrell said.

Warrell said his arrest and the arrests of others who were in the Capitol were illegal. He wants elected officials to investigate.

“Because of my outrageous violations of civil rights, I am now fighting not only for my rights and the rights of others. I am fighting for my life, ”Warrell said.

County Commissioner Rick Locaster says Warrell’s request has not gone unheeded.

Locastra applauded Warrell after he finished his statement before the commissioners, which some question.

Locastra declined to give an interview on camera, but said his applause was for Warrell’s participation in the meeting.

Warrell was invited to Commissioner Locastra’s office. Locastra says he wants more information to try to steer Warrell in the right direction.

The commissioner did not say whether the meeting was scheduled.

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