Search by Eusebio Montoya for su fin. The teenager of 17 years is invited to the authorities on Saturday night.

Montoya is accused of a violent crime. Lasting the first comparison compared to the tribunal of the Dominion, the youth ordered to stay in custody for 21 days.

El Viernes, officers of the Sheriff’s Office of the Condado Lee, responded to a domestic violin case in a murdered house near the Gilbert Avenue South Carriage in Lehigh Acres.

Mentsras established in the scene, acercaron a a vehicle with a persona adentro. When I heard Montoya, I heard and commented. The official result is not hereditary, but the balas alcanzaron to a young man of 16 years that is close. The officers intentaron disparar pero Montoya ya había huido.

Vecinos del area dicen que cundo los involucrados son menores hai que mirar hacía los padres. “I don’t have the responsibility for the popes because they are less and less likely to go for a ride,” said Roberto Zaragoza de Lehigh Acres.

“It is also very important in the education of the family in el hogar darle un buen ejemplo. “There are a lot of boys who are in a bad mood and are in the street of the ghana,” said Daniel Enriquez Tambien de Lihai Eikr.

The armament of Montoya is located near a house with different distance distances. The 16-year-old boy who received the hospital’s emergency report.

Most people like Enriquez say that more vigilance helps with incidents like this. “Here the police are missing, the vigilance because it is a city that has lost its strength in a few years. The police are not going to take the service they want ”.

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