WALDE, TX (WABC) – The last massacre at a school in America took place in the town of Uwalde in West Texas.

A small nightmare town when miserable families clung to each other in anticipation of the news – they all knew they would come.

“If my child had been with me, I would be home now. I am at home because my daughter was involved in the incident, something happened, we do not know her status, ”Alfred Garza said.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Texas is “in mourning” with families who have lost their children.

“For the reality that these parents will not be able to pick up their children,” Abbott said.

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The carnage collapsed on Rob Elementary School just before lunch on a hot spring day.

When the shooter, identified as Salvador Ramos, an 18-year-old student at a nearby high school, put on a body armor, picked up an AR-15-style rifle and numerous magazines and stormed a fourth-grade class.

“I hoped that when I became president, I would no longer have to do that,” said President Biden. “Tonight I ask the people to pray for them and give their parents and siblings help. As a nation, we must ask if, for God’s sake, we will resist the arms lobby and do what we all know in our needs should be done. “

Among the dead were two adults. An armed man shot his own grandmother before the siege.

And a class teacher Eva Mireleswho once taught Audrey Garcia’s daughter, Gabi.

Through her grief, Garcia shared what had become her greatest fear.

“Unfortunately, this is just another event,” Garcia said. “I am afraid it will be celebrated because we experience it as a country almost every day.

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