Since the debut on the red carpet at BAFTA in March 2022it seems Miles Bobby Brown and Jake Bonjovi’s relationship shows no signs of slowing down. The couple continued to post their favorite pictures during a romantic getaway, and we can’t get enough of their thriving relationship.

As the world waits the fourth season of “Amazing Things” to arrive on May 27, Brown definitely deserves a well-deserved break. The 18-year-old actress recently took over social networks publish a series of photos, including a blurry image of a couple embracing, and photos of each inseparable in front of the cathedral, along with the caption “te amo”, which in Spanish translates as “I love you”, making fans think they are vacationing in Barcelona.

And it’s not just Brown telling the world that she’s in love. The 20-year-old Bonjovi also posted on Instagram photos of his girlfriend on the beach. He is also a Harry Stiles the fan also signed the post: “Alex plays late at night talking to Harry Styles.” We have a feeling that this summer we will see this inscription for the last time. . .

After teasing fans with sporadic appearances of each other on social media, The couple became official Instagram on November 1, 2021when Brown posted a photo of them hugging in the London Eye. The last two came out together on “Stranger Things” kick-off party last week when Brown was rolling out new long blond hair with fringe, provided by celebrity hairdresser Pete Berkeley.

While we’ve seen Brown grow in the spotlight, being catapulted to fame as Eleven in the Netflix series at the age of 12 Bonjivi is no stranger to the famous life. He is the son of rock legend John Bon Jovi, although he is making an acting career, not music.

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