Hailey Bieber was actually a best friend of Kylie Jenner before Kendall Jenner stole her. Kendall told She a story about how she contacted Bieber during her first New York Fashion Week, and they got along. She admitted: “At first Kylie was mad; I had to put them together and say, “No, it’s okay, guys. But all is well, this is our love story. ”

Now Kendall and Bieber are best friends, hanging out together on both coasts and enjoying a variety of events together. Kendall even arranged by the girl Haley in 2019 before her wedding with Justin Bieber. Most recently, Bieber appeared in the latest episode. “Kardashian“While traveling to Miami with Kendall. Does that mean we can look forward to more Bieber in” The Kardashians “? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, check out some of the cutest Kendall and Bieber friendship pictures for many years.

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