Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin finally here, and it is a lot unpack after the three-episode premiere on July 28. The latest slasher thriller – the third spin-off of Freeform’s popular teen drama, “Pretty Little Liars” which loosely adapts Sarah Shepard’s YA book series of the same name. Expanding on the PLL canon, the new HBO Max series opens with a bang as viewers are transported back 22 years to a fateful night that sets off a chain of mysterious events that take place in the present day.

It begins with a turn-of-the-century celebration that ends when a college student named Angela Waters kills herself during a rave in Millwood, Pennsylvania. She was a member of a tight-knit group of five young girls who happened to be mothers-to-be a new generation of liars (Imogen, Tabby, Mouse, Noah and Faran). Wild coincidence, right? Not really. You see, it all has to do with the death of Angela Waters, including the motive sinister stalker “A” who torments new Liars. Let’s take a look at all the details we have about the pivotal night and what we know about Angela’s life.

How Angela Waters Died in “Little liars: Original sin”?

Flashing back to New Year’s Eve 1999, five close friends—Corey, Shirley, Elodie, Marjorie, and Davey—have fun at a secret rave.

That’s when Angela enters the celebration in obvious agony, mascara running down her tear-stained face. She desperately wants someone to listen to her, but her anguished pleas are ignored by her peers. Angela then finds her way to the aforementioned clique, but much to her dismay, they ignore her as well. In fact, Davey warns his friend Shirley to ignore Angela when she shows concern about Angela’s condition.

Depressed by a series of rejections, Angela climbs the ladder leading to the roof of the warehouse in a last ditch effort to get others to acknowledge her. As the countdown to midnight begins, she yells, “Can you see me?” from the rafters, and everyone finally turned their attention to Angela. Seconds before the clock strikes midnight, Angelo falls to her death in a blood-curdling moment as every partygoer watches the horror unfold in complete panic.

The aftermath of Angela’s death

The consequences of Angela’s gruesome death are no less disturbing. No one reports the incident or even calls an ambulance for Angela, which shows how much they didn’t care about the troubled girl even though she was dead. Eventually, her body was found two days later at the scene, and the entire town pretty much hushed up the accident as if it hadn’t happened.

Much of the context of Angela’s suicide (if it was actually suicide) is still unclear. However, Cory, Shirley, Elodie, Marjorie and Davey have returned to the warehouse several times over the past 20 years to pay their respects to Angela, believing there is more to her death than meets the eye.

Who was Angela Waters?

Imogen has a hunch that Angela may have been central to deciphering the identity of A, as well as the sudden suicide of her mother, Davy, who received a vaguely threatening note with a flyer from the 2YK party moments before her death. In the third episode, as Imogen and Tabby investigate Angela’s death, they arrive at an abandoned warehouse that is her memorial. They run into Tabby’s mom, Shirley, who tells them some of the details of Angela’s tragic life.

According to Shirley, Angela was an “unlucky girl” who was emotionally damaged. While her father was not in the picture, her mother was mentally ill, so no one investigated or reported her tragic death. “If it was anyone else, they would. But not Angela. Not a crazy woman with a crazy mother,” Shirley explained to the girls. She adds that she often goes to the warehouse to pay her respects because she feels guilty about her actions – or lack thereof.

Were the Liars’ mothers involved in Angela’s death?

Informing her OG friends about Imogen and Tabby’s inquisitiveness about Angela, Shirley states that she only revealed what was already known to the public, hinting that there may be more to the story than what she has revealed. Obviously, Shirley and company, or the “original sinners,” most likely did something off-screen that pushed Angela over the edge. Only time will tell how exactly they are involved.

Catch episodes four and five of “Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin” when they air on HBO Max on Thursday, August 4, followed by episodes six and seven on August 11 and the final three episodes of the first season in August. 18.

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