As the nation continues to tackle the shortage of infant formula, Americans are increasingly calling President Biden to intervene and solve the problem – and he recently addressed the nation with what he plans to do about it. Starting with condemning critics who believe he should have acted earlier, President Biden quickly explained the plan that his administration should ensure that baby formulas in the U.S. return in large numbers sooner rather than later.

Speaking from the White House, President Biden defended His administration responded to the months-long shortage of infant formula, saying they were “moving as fast as the problem became apparent to us.” Biden also responded by saying that the only way the administration could have acted before was, “If we had read our minds better, I think we could,” he said.

The president also noted the urgency of the issue, explaining that the federal government must “act cautiously as well as quickly …” to “make sure that what we get is, in fact, a first-class product.”

In addition, Biden also posted a video message with his appeal in his Twitter account with the caption:

“I know that families across the country are concerned about the availability of baby formula. So yesterday I gathered producers to discuss how we can increase supplies as soon as possible. ”

As we reported earlier, some states are experiencing greater deficits than others. In Texas, the deficit of infant formula is 53%, and in Tennessee – 54%. It is also reported that at least 26 states are experiencing a deficit of almost 50%.

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