The Woman Next Door Survivor is a series of stories about incredible women in the community who have overcome a mountain of obstacles with a relentless and fearless attitude. Dr. Meadow Maze Good is an OB/GYN and urogynecologist specializing in reconstructive pelvic floor surgery. When she was ready for a family, Meadows and her husband needed infertility treatment. Fortunately, Meadow was able to give birth to two healthy children three years apart, a boy and a girl, through in vitro fertilization (IVF). When Maddow was pregnant with her second child, she experienced a lump in her breast, but was told it was normal for young women with dense breasts. “It’s amazing how even as a doctor, something that was abnormal became normal,” Meadow says.

When her youngest child was nine months old, Meadow became very ill and was rushed into surgery for a ruptured appendix. After she was released from the hospital, Meadow finally ordered a mammogram. Within hours, she had a scan, a report, a biopsy and a diagnosis: advanced breast cancer.

Lug had a long way to go. She went through chemotherapy and was bald on her baby’s first birthday. After undergoing a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, Mead developed a fatal infection and had to have her implants removed. After the radiation, there were scars and lymphedema, swelling of both arms and chest. Meadow loved her career, but was unable to resume surgery.

During her journey to the river, Meadow found her new calling. She became a board certified patient care specialist and now advocates for patients at Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Children as a physician consultant. “I love being able to bring my unique experience as both a doctor and a patient to my work,” Meadow says.

Meadow has also shared her story publicly through social media posts. Her Instagram page, Pretty Beyond Pink, is dedicated to inclusive fashion. Today, she does not wear prostheses and feels free in her new form. “I want to help others who have suffered bodily trauma from breast cancer or any other experience. I want them to know that even though their bodies may be different, they can still look and feel beautiful,” Meadow says. She lives as if every day is a gift and a chance to help others stand up for themselves.

AdventHealth for Women

This month in partnership with AdventHealth for Women, we celebrate some of the women in our community who have had, had a recurrence of, or are currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer. For us, all these women are survivors on their own. These women hope that by telling their stories, they will inspire and educate other women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.


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