Prosecutors allege that the father, accused of killing his family, did so under a murder and suicide deal with his wife to “move” before the end of the world.

In an introductory speech by the jury at Aceola County Court on Monday, Assistant Attorney General Daniel Pinel said that “everyone had to die to move to the other side together because the apocalypse is coming.”

Anthony Todt, 46, has pleaded not guilty to several counts of murder, although he reportedly pleaded guilty to the murder of his wife Megan, 42, and their three children – Alec, 13, Tyler, 11 , and Zoe, 4 – in their house in Celebration, Florida in December 2019. After the murder of Breeze’s family dog ​​Mr. Todt was also charged animal cruelty.

Mr Todt was charged in January 2020 after his sister Kelly Ball asked local deputy sheriffs to check on the family. Daily Beast.

They found that Mr. Todt, a physiotherapist, “could barely stand and seemed to tremble,” telling officers he had drunk Benadryl while attempting suicide.

A forensic expert found that the family died as a result of an overdose of Benadryl in combination with “unidentified violence.” All but the 4-year-old had stab wounds.


Witnesses in the trial will be photos from the crime scene after lawyers were unable to prevent jurors from seeing the decomposed bodies of the family and their dogs.

“The four victims were in a state of decomposition when police found their bodies. The photos of the dead victims are shocking and excessively harmful, ”public defender Peter Schumer wrote, calling for the images to be deleted.

One of the knives Anthony Todt allegedly used to kill his family

(Orlando Police Department)

According to the criminal complaint, the horror footage from the rental house where Mr. Todt allegedly lived with the remains of his family also showed a bloody mattress, restraints and a gun.

Federal agents and lawmakers received arrest warrants on charges of financial crimes and entered the house on January 13, 2020, finding in the master bedroom upstairs decomposing bodies covered with blankets.

Ms. Pinel told the jury that Mr. Todt confessed to the murders during three interviews. She said Mr Todt confessed to killing Zoe first when she slept, saying he “rolled over on her until she suffocated”.

She added that Mr Todt said he killed his sons by suffocation and a knife.

The picture shows one of the rooms in the house, which is allegedly rented by the Todt family

(Orlando Police Department)

“He was afraid that if something went wrong he wanted, Tyler Todt would run away,” Ms. Pinnell said.

She added that Mr Todt claimed his wife had inflicted two stab wounds, but when she did not die, he strangled her with a pillow. He then allegedly said he strangled the family dog.

But in a letter to his father in July 2020, six months after confessing to the murders, Mr Todt wrote that his wife had given the children drugs using “Benadryl pudding pie”.

He also reported that after she confessed to the murder, she drank a bottle of Benadryl and stabbed herself in the abdomen.

An impromptu restraint is visible on the side of the bed where Anthony Todt allegedly killed his family

(Orlando Police Department)

“In short, she gave them a Benadryl / Tylenol PM pie, separated them, woke up at 11:30 [p.m.]slaughtered and then strangled each of them, ”Mr Todt wrote.

The letter was first reported about Orlando Sentinel.

“When I heard about it, I ran to the toilet and vomited – I was weak,” he added.

“I love my wife, still, very deeply, and it will be harder to sit there and tell everyone that it’s she who did it when I wasn’t home and then she [died by] suicide in front of me, ”he wrote.

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