Security is the main concern of the first youth pride conference held on Saturday by a network of gays, lesbians, direct, educational network.

WINK News reported that the original artists expressed concern about their safety after negative media coverage.

GLSEN Collier is an LGBTQ + advocacy group ready for its first-ever youth pride conference.

“Children need to master this diversity in society. This is important, ”said Naples tourist Kim Soldberg.

The United Church of Naples of Naples is opening its doors to 40-50 LGBTQ + students who are expected to attend.

Naples resident Rick Friedfeld said: “They need to talk about open issues. I think it’s amazing that they spend it in church. “

However, there have been some reactions and security concerns.

Naples police will be on the scene to prevent demonstrators and people inside. This includes performers for the family drag show.

“It’s a shame,” said Naples resident Keith Bailey. “People should be able to do what they want, within, and I would say that’s what people should be able to do if they want to.”

Friedfeld says, “Everyone can be themselves, and you know, that’s what it is, and you know what? It’s 2022, and people have to go with it. “

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