Patients with the first episode of psychosis (PEP) have a worse ability to recognize fear and anger, according to a study recently published in Bulletin on Schizophrenia.

Jada Tripoli from the University of Palermo in Italy and his colleagues studied global and specific deficits in recognizing facial emotions in FEP and the potential link between polygenic responsibility to psychotic disorders and recognizing emotions on the face. A total of 828 patients with FEP and 1308 control groups completed the assessment of the task of recognizing degraded personality affect. In addition, DNA was taken from a blood or saliva sample in a subgroup of 524 FEP patients and 899 control groups, as well as polygenic risk indicators for schizophrenia. bipolar disorderand severe depressive disorder were calculated.

The researchers found that compared to the control group, patients had a worse ability to globally recognize emotional expressions on the face, which proved to have a stronger impact on negative emotions and anger than happiness. Recognition of facial anger was significantly associated with polygenic risk assessment of schizophrenia in pooled analysis and control of confusers.

“Our results indicate predominantly negative emotions, facial recognition disorders in early psychosis, mostly with fear and anger,” the authors write. “In addition, our findings provide further evidence that recognizing angry emotions is considered an intermediate phenotype of psychosis, shedding light on the ability to identify specific emotions associated with common genetic variants of schizophrenia risk.”

Several authors have disclosed financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry.

Drunkenness can impair the ability of men to recognize emotions on the face

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