The leaders of the Cape Coral City are intent on accelerating the process to improve the Cape Coral Bridge, with remodeling tendría and a cost of 185 million dollars. The lens is reduced to traffic for cruising the bridge.

Randy Churchy, director of the Department of Transport del Condada Lee, says “we have to re-plan the tram west and increase the tram in this direction.” This is a priority project for the leaders of the city of Debido at the constant end of the world.

The day of the city was reunited to see the plans and determine where the project of 40 days was planned, the city planned to comment on the construction in December 2026 of the term of the terminal in the period in the period.

One of the great questions surpassed by the commission of Brian Hamma “How many of us are in the eyes and how many people anticipate what we are doing?

The TV news of Wink News is like this to affect the trafficking of construction, the director of the Church said that the laborers will be in the hours of the night and to keep the open hearts open to the day.

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