Various schools in Lee County are still considered “not ready to reopen,” but work is underway to change that.

Lee County’s Cypress Lake High School was one of the schools deemed “not ready to open.” But a nearby truck labeled “Disaster Response Team” has crews cleaning up and working to get the school open quickly.

As of Sunday evening, only essential personnel were allowed to attend Cypress Lake High School and any other school on the “Not Ready to Open” list.

WINK News reached out to a spokesperson for the Lee County School District, who said, “Cypress Lake Middle is on our list of schools not ready to reopen, so it requires cleaning and repairs before it can be deemed safe for students and staff. return We are working as quickly as possible to prepare the school and all of our schools for a safe return to normal operations.”

Superintendent Dr. Christopher Bernier announced Friday that schools will remain closed for the next week. Bernier later said they are aiming to have students back in an educational environment on October 17.

“We still have significant and disproportionate challenges to overcome. Not all of our buildings were equally affected by the storm,” Bernier said. “We still have at least eight schools without electricity. Some schools, most schools do not have suitable drinking water. Most of our schools remain under a boil water advisory. We still have safety and litter issues that will affect the safe pick-up and drop-off of our students both to and from school.”

Bernier also mentioned that he would meet with the board and provide an update on their opening plan on Wednesday.