Sanibel City officials have provided another daily update on the island’s recovery process and what residents can expect next week.

City Manager Dana Souza said residents with vehicles on the island that are still operational can be used on the island. He said they would not allow new vehicles onto the island.

While the speed limit on many roads is 30 miles per hour, the city wants residents to remember that there will be many people on foot and on bicycles, and recommends driving with caution.

The city says 100% of the roads are cleared and they are working to move debris away from the road to make driving easier.

The city says there is also no gas on the island to refuel cars.

Souza clarified rumors that the fire department was shutting down residents’ generators. He said the fire department only shuts down the generator if it is being used in an unsafe manner. The city still recommends limited use due to minimal fire service.

The fire service will begin 24-hour service at two stations on the island starting Tuesday. Along with them, EMS will also increase the number of services on the island on Tuesday.

The city says it will discuss easing the curfew from 7 a.m. to 7 a.m. later this week, but for now that curfew remains in place.

As for resuming city services, the city said LCEC will have 50 trucks and 500 workers on the island on Sunday. LCEC will also set up a command center on the island while it works to restore power.

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