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The little girl and the Publix employee have a special relationship. Video from a grocery store in southwest Florida is going viral on social media.

The little girl first met this Publix employee when she was little, and he has watched her grow ever since. They reunited for the first time since the pandemic and reveal how the two hardly best friends were brought together.

The TikTok video has captured the hearts of more than a million people worldwide.

Most young children are faced with Publix, delighted with free cookies. But that’s not the case for 6-year-old Fiona.

You can see her when she’s looking for her friend Gilnet, or, as she knows it, “give five”. And every time she sees him, they hug.

And if you move on to Tuesday, it’s been two years since Fiona’s mom recorded a special moment on her phone. When the pandemic hit the pandemic, Gilnet was transferred from the public of Fort Myers to one at Cape Coral.

“Do you remember me?” Gilnette asked. “Yes, oh my, I miss you!” Said Fiona.

“Do you even know how much that million is?” “No.”

Gilnette said, “Every day when she’s looking for me, I say, ‘Give five, Fiona,’ ‘Give five for Gilnet,’ ‘Give five for Grandma,’ I’m so happy.”

Rachel Smith is Finn’s mother. “It’s been a long tradition for me and my people to go to Publix together,” Smith said.

“We showed up at Publix and in the lines for the product section and just‘ give five, where’s five? ’” Smith said.

Fiona’s mother is a social media analyst, so she decided to conduct an experiment. She posted a two-year-old video on TikTok.

“She’s my best friend,” Gilnette said.

“Because I love him,” said Fiona.

This experiment proved that love and kindness are eternal. But it turned this unlikely couple into best friends. Gilnett bought her a bike and, as seen in the video, she thanked him.

“Your political affiliation doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter your faith, your age, it all doesn’t matter. The great equalizer is that people just love kindness, ”Smith said.

“I am a Haitian people, and they are Americans. All together, God is good. God loves everyone! ” Said Gilnette.

So, of course, they had to end up in the top five.

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