“The Greatest Show on Earth” returns – without performances with animals – in five years closing his circus with three circlesannounced Wednesday Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey.

The live interactive show will begin in September 2023, honoring performers from around the world who “demonstrate incredible feats that push the boundaries of human potential,” according to a press release from the Florida company.

The World Talent Search is looking for action to liven up the 360-degree show as a unique interactive experience for each audience, the company said.

Rehearsals of the tour of 50 cities in North America will begin on June 23.

The circus ended its 146-year operation in January 2017, when ticket sales declined after customers argued over dealing with animals, and costly lawsuits with animal rights activists led to the cessation of actions with elephants in 2016. Officials hinted at a return last October.

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