Ron DeSantis lashes out at a reporter who asked why he wasn’t answering the public’s questions

Florida the governor Ron DeSantis According to the latest CNBC Millionaire Survey, he is the preferred Republican candidate among right-leaning millionaires, although his main rival and favorite Donald Trump It also seems to be gaining support among affluent Americans.

The poll shows that 32 percent of millionaire Republicans now support Mr. DeSantis, down from 54 percent in late 2022, while Mr. Trump is now supported by 28 percent, down from 17 percent last year.

Meanwhile, the governor met with a sheriff in Arizona and defended his state’s recent decision to transport migrants from the US-Mexico border to Sacramento. Californiaa move widely derided as a cruel political stunt, but he insisted it was unacceptable because the West Coast state had essentially invited them in with its liberal immigration policies.

“I believe that the border should be closed. I don’t think we should have any of that,” Mr. DeSantis said. “But if there’s an open border policy, then I think sanctuary jurisdictions should enforce it.”


Voices: The folly of trusting Trump claimed two more victims. Why do they do this?

CNN CEO Chris Licht was fired this week after 16 months on the job and a scathing exposé in The Atlantic. It was announced Wednesday night that Trump’s former chief of staff, Mark Meadows, is testifying before the grand jury investigating Trump. Some sources have suggested he may accept a plea deal, although his lawyer denies this.

Licht and Meadows believe and trust Donald Trump. They both attached themselves to him in the hope that his fame and power would increase their own fortunes. And both of them quickly found themselves unhappy and humiliated.

Oliver O’ConnellJune 8, 2023 10:15 p.m


Lawmaker slams ex-Trump official for linking transgender issues to sustainable investing

Representative Becca Balint Vermont sharply criticized former Trump administration official Mandy Gunasekar at a congressional hearing on Tuesday for suggesting that companies’ sustainable investment strategies facilitate gender transitions for children.

Abe Usher there are details.

Oliver O’ConnellJune 8, 2023 10:00 p.m


DeSantis’ company has been accused of using fake AI images of Trump

Abe Usher there are details.

Oliver O’ConnellJune 8, 2023 9:45 p.m


Billionaire-backed Trump offers to buy CNN

A Donald Trump-backing New York billionaire says he wants to buy the fighters CNN from Warner Bros. Discovery.

Grocery magnate John Katsimatidis told The New York Post that he “is going to run the place tomorrow morning, and all I want is $1 a year.”

Graham Massey there is a story.

Oliver O’ConnellJune 8, 2023 9:30 p.m


Report says Trump properties billed $1 million from Defense Department while in office

Newly released documents show that Donald Trump’s businesses charged his Defense Department $976,000 during the first three years of his presidency, an amount that appears to be much higher than previously reported.

The Pentagon released the documents in May, more than two years after Trump left the White House, in response to a November 2019 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by the U.S. ethics watchdog. The previous publicly known maximum spending by the Department of Defense on Trump facilities was $300,000, CNN reported in April 2019.

Donald Trump with former US Navy Secretary Thomas Modly during the 2019 Army vs. Navy football game

(AFP via Getty Images)

Oliver O’ConnellJune 8, 2023 9:27 p.m


King of the Tigers Joe Exotic is looking into kidnapping charges against DeSantis

Joe Exotic, from hit documentary series Tiger King fame, weighed in on allegations that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis authorized the illegal abduction of asylum seekers from Texas by state officials and brought them to California.

California authorities are investigating whether there were any criminal or civil violations.

He tweeted: “So if I’ve read the news correctly, it looks like maybe @RonDeSantis could be the next person to have criminal trouble for illegal trafficking?” LOL you all cracked me up, we’re going to need bigger cages for all of you.”

In March, Mr. Exotic — whose real name is Joseph Allen Muldonda — officially announced his candidacy for the 2024 US presidential election.

The convicted felon is currently serving a 21-year prison term after being found guilty of multiple murder-for-hire crimes against wildlife activist Carol Baskin, in addition to numerous violations of the Endangered Species Act.

Read more about the allegations against DeSantis here:

Oliver O’ConnellJune 8, 2023 9:15 p.m


Trump praises Pat Robertson, who said he lived in an ‘alternate reality’

Donald Trump praised the life of a Christian televangelist Pat Robertsoneven though he once said the former president was living in an “alternate reality.”

Robertson died at the age of 93 at his home in Virginia BeachVirginia, on Thursday morning, according to the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN).

Graham Massey there is a story.

Oliver O’ConnellJune 8, 2023 8:45 p.m


Biden defends Justice Department independence as prosecutors prepare charges against Trump

President Joe Biden on Thursday said that Americans can believe that he did not interfere in Ministry of Justiceindependence of Russia, despite the statements of the former president to the contrary Donald Trumpwho is likely to be charged in the ongoing investigation for allegedly illegally retaining national defense information.

Mr Biden made the comments at the end of a joint press conference with the British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak after being asked what he could say to reassure Americans of the department’s independence and fairness amid a series of attacks on it by Mr Trump.

Andrew Feinberg the White House reports.

Oliver O’ConnellJune 8, 2023 8:25 p.m


Pence hopes Trump will meet ‘very high bar’ if indicted

During a visit to the pizzeria, the former vice president and 2024 presidential candidate was asked about the possible impeachment of former president Donald Trump.

He said: “If the Justice Department decides to move forward with an indictment, I hope it meets the very high threshold for an unprecedented federal prosecution against a former president of the United States.”

Oliver O’ConnellJune 8, 2023 8:15 p.m


Why did Fox News fire Tucker Carlson?

After the dueling chants of prophets and giddy celebrants died down on Monday (April 24), the question of why Carlson was reportedly fired still remains.

While there’s no definitive answer to that question at this point, there are several contenders that could partially or fully explain why the conservative cable news network ditched its biggest star without so much as a farewell tweet.

Graig Graziosi delves into the theory.

Oliver O’ConnellJune 8, 2023 8:00 p.m

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