The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a man they say was operating a roofing business without a license.

Terrence Duke, 48, was arrested Friday after a Department of Business and Professional Regulation investigator called the Charlotte County Economic Crimes Unit.

A sheriff’s office investigator learned that Duque’s company, Duque Roofing, was located in Charlotte County and was doing business without a Florida license. They also learned that the homeowner had already agreed to a contract.

(Credit: Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office)

Deputies located Duque’s trucks at the community center and spoke with him there. They say Duque claimed he read the governor’s emergency order regarding contractors and understood it meant out-of-state contractors were allowed to work in Florida.

He also told deputies that the employee had contacted the Department of Business and Professional Regulation and that a representative had given him permission to do business in Florida. CCSo said Duque could not name the representative.

“Ignorance is no excuse. If you are in Charlotte County and doing business with people in this community, you better be aware and have the proper license and insurance. These people have been through enough and I will not allow unlicensed contractors to criminalize them any further,” Charlotte County Sheriff Bill Pramell said in an arrest report.

Duque was arrested and charged with operating a business in Charlotte County without a Florida license.