Historian John Mitch said the draftsman Supreme Court an opinion moving toward the abolition of Roe v Wade and federal abortion rights in all U.S. strikes a blow to Americans ’confidence in democracy.

On Morning Joe on MSNBC on Tuesday, presenter Joe Scarboroughthe former republican A representative of the House of Representatives from Floridasaid the “court has always been guided by the law, but he was also well aware that this is the only unselected branch of the US government.”

“They should not have looked openly contemptuous of public opinion. That would be especially true today, given the Republican Party’s “opportunity makes it right” approach to firing Merrick Garland or raising Donald Trump’s final election, “Scarborough said, referring to Judge Amy Connie Barrett.

Skarbara further noted that Democrats have won all presidential elections since 1992, except 2004.

“Look at this picture from [former Secretary of State] Burial of Madeleine Albright. The five Democrat politicians in the front row received the highest number of votes in the 1992, 1996, 2000, 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2020 presidential elections, ”he said.

“However, half a century of constitutional rights that more than 70 percent of Americans support … will be removed presidents not represented in this picture, and presidents who have been ahead in each of these elections for the past three decades,” he added.

Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Al Gore attend Madeleine Albright’s funeral

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“Now Americans will rightly conclude that their voice and their voices no longer matter. So what are the implications for the judiciary, for the law and for American democracy? ” Said Scarborough.

Mr Mitch said that “the crisis of confidence in institutions has just become universal, which is pretty much a nightmare scenario if you believe in the ultimate effectiveness of the constitutional order to create a better union, right?”

“To defend Jefferson’s assertion of equality, to defend the rule of law for all its imperfections,” he added. “The system should be protected for 250 years. Right now, if this draft decision, if the court had gone so far, you would have, as you just said, an extraordinary number of Americans who believe that the system, in fact, cannot, is incapable of serving justice, is incapable of reflecting popular freedom even through a constitutional prism.

“I think … the big question of the era is: are we with you, are we in this decade, or towards democracy? Are we up to the task? ” He asked.

“I am worried that we are entering the darkest period of this ordeal. Because if you have any reservations about the ability of the system to administer justice, they have just been confirmed, ”he said.

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