In addition to leading the way in charts, making deals with brands and killing in designer fashion, Licorice also known for effortlessly killing magazine covers, and her latest was the May issue of Glamor UK. In a pictorial cut covered with candy, Saweetie is draped in soft pastel shades from head to toe, just in time for the flirtatious fun of summer.

У long interviewSaweetie told about her upcoming debut album, family history, her hairstyles and how she was able to successfully combat sexism in the music industry:

“That’s why it’s so easy for me to fight sexism in adulthood. I have always proved that people are wrong. I have always proved that men are wrong. I think women are not the only ones doing this [music] industry, but in everyday life, you know, without feeling equal or disrespected. So I wouldn’t even focus on experiencing this in the industry. I’ve felt sexism all my life, but I think in moments like this it only fuels my ambitions to just prove that those who might not consider me equal are wrong. ”

She continued, adding her thoughts on feminism. “Feminism” is a touching word, but I think it has gradually turned into [represent] the common goal is to be accepted, empowered and equal for all on the planet. I am a proud woman and I love beautiful bitches, ”Saviti said.

While she admits that “I’m vibrating it now. I can’t wait for my curls to come back beautiful and gorgeous, ”says Saviti, who said her initial decision to cut her hair in 2022 was due to her deeper connection to spirituality.

“The deeper I understood spirituality, myself, alignment and purpose, I just wanted to start all over again. And hair retains energy! I thought, “Damn, that hair has been with me ever since, I don’t know, and I’m ready for a fresh start,” she said.

She also took the time to inform her fans that her upcoming debut album “Pretty B ** ch Music” is definitely to be expected.

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