The family of Illinois woman dies in 2022 crash while parachuting with two children Florida This week, Keys filed a second lawsuit related to her death, citing the tragic end of a family vacation about a year ago.

Supraja Allaparthy, 33, was killed after he was dragged through the water and crashed into a bridge in June last year while tied to a parachute. Her husband, Srinivasrao Allaparthy, told reporters on Thursday that his family had had a “good time” last year but missed her very much.

“I can’t help but think that if the people we trusted … had done their job, my wife would be with us today,” he said. “We trusted these companies, but they let us down in the worst case scenario. way”.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission investigated the accident last year and found that the boat’s captain cut the rope holding Allaparte and the two boys because the parasail was being “pulled” by strong winds from a sudden summer storm.

Her husband, daughter and other family members watched in horror from a boat as they were dragged through the water and crashed into a bridge, lawyers said Thursday at a news conference in Chicago. It comes days after a wrongful-death lawsuit was filed against the captain, a crew member and the Florida resort company that owns the marina where the boat was located.

“I’m a lifelong resident of Florida, and our state can do better for people who come from out of state to enjoy our waters, our boats, our sun,” said attorney Pedro Echarte, calling for more needed training and more transparency and enforcement of existing standards.

Online court records did not list the attorneys representing the captain, crew members and the resort company named in the lawsuit.

Attorneys for the family filed a separate death and personal injury lawsuit against the boat company last June. The case has not yet been considered. An attorney representing the company did not immediately return a message seeking comment Thursday.

According to the family’s attorneys, the Allapartes, their two children and extended family members were visiting the Keyes from their home in Elk Grove Village outside Chicago when they booked the skydiving trip. The lawyer said family members told staff they would return the next day if the weather did not permit skydiving, but were assured everything would be fine.

In September, Florida authorities charged the boat’s captain, Daniel Gavin Couch, with involuntary manslaughter in the wreck. The Florida public defender’s office, which is representing Couch in the criminal case, declined to comment Thursday on the case, which is still pending.

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