The finale of season 47 “Saturday Night Live” was one for textbooks on the history of television. After the news broke on Friday, May 20, that Pete Davidson, Kate McKinnonEddie Bryant and Kyle Mooney were all set to exit a series of sketches, viewers knew that an emotional episode awaited them. However, nothing could fully prepare them for the latest sketches by Davidson, McKinnon, Bryant and Mooney. Suffice it to say there were tears, but really “SNL” laughed a lot too.

So far only Davidson issued an official statement confirming his exit. Shortly before the episode hosted by Russian Doll star Natasha Lyon, the 28-year-old shared a lengthy post about his time on SNL via SNL and writer King Staten Island. Dave Sirus’ Instagram. “Thank you for always believing in me and staying close, even if it seemed comical,” he wrote in part. “Thank you for teaching me the values ​​of life, how to grow, and for giving me memories that will last a lifetime. SNL is my home. I am so happy and sad about today’s show. For many reasons, I can’t explain. Can’t wait to come back next year [John] Mulaney Music Room.

Davidson then signed during the Weekend Update scene, in which he joked about how legendary executive producer Lorne Michaels didn’t think he wasn’t fit for the show, but promised they would “spoil it together”. Farewell to McKinnon, Bryant and Mooney was a little more subtle but no less influential. Check out the gallery to see how each of the long-running SNL cast members said goodbye to the series.

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