Shay Johnson and Bambi exchanged heated words on social media on Tuesday (October 11) following the new episode Love and Hip Hop ATL ether.

During the episode, a conversation with Bambi is seen Sierra Gates about strained relations with mother-in-law Mama Dee. She tells it to Sierra Lil Scrappy wants her to reconcile with his mother.

However, years later, the icon and disagreements, Bambi doesn’t jump at the offer. Instead, Bambi mentions that Mama Dee’s inappropriate behavior includes publicly supporting former flame Scrappy.

“But [Momma Dee’s] never going to stop. Even now you see her posting bitches [Lil Scrappy] use to fuck,” said Bambi to Sierra. In a confessional video, Bambi added: “Mama Dee just posted a video of Scrappa Shay’s old girl congratulating this lady on her baby and she says she’s going to be a godmother or some shit. And now people on the Internet are speculating that the baby will be Scrap’s.”

Shay claps Bambi and says she was NEVER the girl next door

Well, obviously Shay caught the reality show the last episode! She took to Instagram with a throwback clip and explained her past relationship with Scrappy and her current relationship with his mom. The clip shows Erica Dixonthe mother of Scrappy’s eldest daughter, confronts Bambi for sleeping with him during their engagement.

“I wouldn’t have anything to say if that little thing about me wasn’t on national television last night. Minding my own business and staying away from my family, this is not my place,” Shay wrote in the caption. “I made it clear to @tharealmommadee too, but to go on tv and call me a girl side was a small thing, so just to be clear lol I was NEVER a girl side.”

Bambi accuses Shay of using Scrappy for a storyline; Shay calls her a “husband-turned-wife”

Shortly after Shay posted his clapback, Bambi appeared in the comments section. She accused Shay of using her husband as a storyline for the show.

“You were quick to defend yourself for being a ‘side chick’ but crickets when you implied my husband was your dad for your storyline,” Bambi wrote. “To be honest. all of it – including this clip. We both know that the engagement ended immediately after that meeting. If you’re going to use Erica as a bible of facts by posting a clip of her calling you the family pet, is that also a fact?”

Once again, Shay caught Bambi’s shade and fired it back with the comments section. Shay tagged Bambi, saying that Bam let the public’s comments anger her, even though she never directly said that Scrappy was the father of her child.

The reality star added that the identity of her daughter’s father is nobody’s business, but that she chooses when and how to reveal him to the world.

“As for the storyline, you were talking about me last night, I never mentioned you on the show. So please stop the bullshit,” Shay wrote. “Last but not least, we both know the engagement is over because he fucked you and Erica can explain that. Family pet, girl stop #GroupieTurnWife.”

She added that Bambi can’t be mad at her considering that she is “began chatter.”

Meanwhile, Scrappy seems to have decided to stay away from social media sharing, opting instead to post adorable videos his children with Bambi and clips of his new music on his Instagram.