Home Florida Showers Friday with a high of 90 degrees

Showers Friday with a high of 90 degrees


Highs will reach 80 degrees and lows in the 90s with partly cloudy skies. Our feeling is that temperatures will be in the mid to low 90s due to high humidity. Boaters will encounter one to two foot swells in the Gulf and light chop in our bays.

On Friday, there will be short periods of rain, but most of the territory will remain dry. After lunch, light rain will continue tonight. Harsh weather is not expected. Any storm that forms will likely be weak and short-lived.

There are two active areas of disturbed weather in the Atlantic. Disturbances north of Puerto Rico and Hispaniola have a low (30%) chance of developing over the next five days. It will not affect southwest Florida and will primarily cause rain for Bermuda. Meanwhile, there is now a medium (60%) chance that a tropical storm or tropical depression will form in the Caribbean by Wednesday. Early reports suggest that an area of ​​high pressure to the north of this system is likely to keep it in the Caribbean. While this is a good trend, it is still too early to say with certainty exactly where this system will go once it takes shape. The WINK Weather Service will be keeping a close eye on this system next week.

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