Lifelong skaters have Cascade family skating on their list. Skating Rink in Atlanta, of course against the background of the movie “ATL”, was the venue for Netflix’s private evening “Skater Things”. As Editor-in-Chief TSR, I was invited and my curiosity was satisfied.

I pulled up to the event on behalf of Shadow room without expectations and felt recognized on behalf of the Southwest Atlanta community by the time I drove off on my SUV.

On the eve of the parking of visitors in the parking lot was a strict security check. People without names on the list or a special invitation from Netflix deployed cars before descending from the ramp to the main parking lot.

Before entering the building, my face lit up on the “Skater Things” sign, which featured a few more reminders of the upcoming season of “Stranger Things 4,” which will be released on Netflix later this month.

Some Atlanta stars were present in the building, but the event itself became a landmark of the Atlanta skate community.

Skaters and celebrities went on stunts for “Skater Things”

There was a cheerful atmosphere inside. Those whom I considered regulars, casually perform their choreographic classes on skates in bright costumes. I met Camila, a professional roller skating instructor who is considered a phenomenon because of her dance style in the skating community.

Before she left viral in Instagram, Camilla has declared herself as a skate instructor for the Cascades, and in the past has also been the personal instructor of the Swizz Beats and Alicia Keys.

Pria Ferguson, the star of “Stranger Things 4,” posed with Camilla, who told me they have a story. Ferguson grew up in the same area where the legendary skating center is located, and her mother has a relationship with Camille.

There was a step and a replay for the photos of the stars, which I completely missed as I was distracted by the “normal” excitement inside. Priya also posed with the singer Summer Walker and ‘Alien Affairs 4’ co-stars Miles Troit.

Among other famous guests of the evening Ameret the Great and Diamond ATL the glory of the criminal mob.

(Photo by Paul R. Junta / Getty Images for Netflix)

Despite the fact that there were stars in the building, the highlight of the evening was the general atmosphere. A dance fight broke out on the floor between two skaters from different crews. It put together an entire party for the spontaneous show. The Cascade Skate Crew also performed skating under Cory Hart’s 1980s hit “Sunglasses at Night”.

Guest Preview “Stranger Things 4”

The night seemed to have subsided when Netflix dimmed the lights. They shared an expanded trailer for “Stranger Things 4” right on the skate field. The guest drove up, taking a cross-legged seat, in front of the projector. Lighting effects exploded on the ceiling as the footage swept.

I got a souvenir photo from that night, thanks to Strong Black Lead, a Netflix subbrand that seeks to amplify black voices. All in all, I was thrilled and my two high school guests too. Thanks, Netflix, for the memories.

Aisha Letman is the Editor-in-Chief of and has been covering celebrity news and social debates since 2014. Her writing style was highlighted in the New York Times and The Fader. She previously appeared on ‘MTV’s Yo Momma’, winning $ 1,000 in cash. If she doesn’t write viral headlines, she loves to travel and share beauty tips with her daughter.

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