GOLF SHORTS, Alabama – In the most incredible outcome, a man from Wisconsin who lost his dentures in the Gulf of Mexico last Monday, will get them back thanks to amazing luck. A man from Mississippi, who was vacationing at Gulf Shores later that week, accidentally found them while scuba diving off the coast.

The chances of not finding false teeth were huge, especially considering that the teeth were lost on Monday. They were not found until that Friday, and they moved more than two miles west.

“They actually scared me,” Aaron Welborn said. “I thought, where are the other teeth of this guy?”

For Aaron and his wife, Blair, this year’s annual vacation at the Gulf Shores will certainly be the most memorable. It will forever be intertwined with the family of another family they have never met.

To get the full story, we need to back up four days. Randy Williams of Wisconsin was in the water when the wind ripped off his hat.

“And I went to grab my hat, and I was on the side, and the wave just came and hit me on the head, and I felt them,” Randy Williams recalled in a telephone interview with Wisconsin. “I felt them when I went into the water, and held them in my hand for a second in the ocean, and they were gone.”

Williams lost hope, but made the most of his vacation and returned home on Friday, May 13, 2022. Around the same time, Welborn completed an adventure for scuba diving near the shoreline with a beach rental. He picked up his flippers and tube and headed for shore.

“I’m fine, I’ll put on my glasses and look into the water when I get up, and maybe I’ll accidentally find something and put my head in the water and as soon as I put my head in the water, they literally sat at the bottom and just smiled at me,” said Welborn.

A closer inspection revealed the name imprinted on the dentures. Now the challenge was on. Find the right Randy Williams and reconnect it with the lost peaks. Welborn went to Facebook and posted photos of the teeth, and it quickly caught attention. Someone in the subject was looking for Randy Williams at Gulf Shores, and the hit is back. Contact was established, and 20 minutes later the right Randy was found.

At first I thought it was someone joking with me, and I said yes because I didn’t know, and she said, “My cousin found them,” and I said, you’re serious, and she said, “Yeah. “and she gave me his phone number,” Williams said.

The last few days have been quite adventurous for the Welborn and Randy’s teeth; so much so that the “Tooth Adventures” road trip began to live its own life. The last stop in Alabama … Fox 10 News Studios.

“We laughed a lot. We considered this story, this is a story we really need to drown in, ”Blair Welborn laughed.

This is a story they will probably tell their grandchildren one day. Randy Williams says the lucky find saved him $ 2,000 on dentures. As for the rest here, he says it was great, except that you had to cut the shrimp into small pieces and not eat the steak.

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