Event-driven architecture (EDA) company Solace has announced what to expect from PubSub+ Event Portal 2.0. Events portal is an application that allows users to optimize the flow of events, design events and event-driven programs, and detect and catalog events.

According to the company, many organizations have adopted EDA, but scaling it comes with a number of challenges, such as managing the lifecycle of EDA assets, cataloging assets for reuse, visualizing event streams, developer collaboration, exposing event streams via APIs, and identifying discrepancies between builds and deployments. systems.

The new features of Event Portal 2.0 aim to solve some of these problems. For example, users will now be able to define event interfaces for data networks or other integration methods, and will be able to create, catalog, and share event APIs. This will allow users to expose their event streams so that they can be reused or used by external sources. This feature should be available by the end of the month.

This release also introduces new integration plugins for development tools such as Ansible, GitHub, IntelliJ, Jenkins, Postman, and Slack, and the company plans to continue adding new plugins.

Another new addition in version 2.0 is an event management agent that will allow users to selectively discover and verify runtime configurations, speeding up the deployment process. This feature and the one mentioned earlier should be available in early 2023.

“Solace pioneered the event management space with the initial launch of the PubSub+ event portal in 2020. This has helped accelerate the adoption of event-driven architectures by giving large and distributed enterprises the toolset they need to develop and manage diverse, event-driven applications and event streams at scale,” said Sean McAllister, CTO and CIO at Solace. “Since then, we’ve been working closely with customers, analysts and partners to understand how they use and benefit from the product, and what else they want from it, and PubSub+ Event Portal 2.0 is our answer to their invaluable feedback.”