Never know what will happen every time a celebrity visits the Yay Area! Last night Sukihana closed it during a performance at the Complex in Auckland, California. The rapper and reality star explained in her Instagram that everything became too real and she lost a tooth!

Sukihana, clearly upset, began shouting into the cell, “At this point, I don’t want to pay $ 20,000 to $ 30,000 for teeth if I can’t eat crab legs.” She continued, “B **** g, where is my tooth? I feel B ** es hate … What did you all steal? Are you stealing your teeth now? ” Unfortunately, not all veneers are created the same. According to the Hartford Cosmetic Dentist website, these are products that people with veneers should avoid, including; extremely solid food. Dark liquids (red wine, black tea and coffee should be consumed in moderation). Consumption of tobacco and alcoholic beverages can damage the binder.

On Saturday, Sookie was really enjoying her crabs at Trap Kitchen Oakland, so most likely the tooth shook before it popped out. More than 9,000 roommates commented on the post. Tammy Roman joined in, leaving a few laughing emojis with comments: “I I love her terribly. ” Tommy from “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” also laughed and wrote, “Man, I love Bitches.”

The bitch’s lack of a tooth didn’t stop her from smiling and enjoying her time in the Bay Area. She still took the time to shoot a video on Lake Merritt and allowed some of her fans to take part. The bitch took care of attracting the residents of the Gulf area to her video. She captured the classic car of rapper Mistah FAB for “Gram”.

Cohabitants, the experience of Sukihana makes you think about buying veneers?

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