Prepare for a summer brimming with excitement and discovery! With Memorial Day weekend fast approaching, heralding the official commencement of the summer travel season, Americans are buzzing with anticipation, eager to explore, unwind, and create cherished memories.

The Vacationer’s annual summer travel and trends survey has unearthed intriguing insights into the upcoming season’s travel plans.

An impressive 82% of American adults—equivalent to over 212 million individuals—are gearing up to embark on summer journeys. While this figure represents a slight decrease from last year, it underscores a resilient desire for travel. Among these vacationers, 42% are planning multiple getaways.

Although there is a minor decline in air travel intentions compared to last year, with 52% planning to fly at least once this summer, international travel is gaining traction. Nearly 25% of Americans are eager to add stamps to their passports, with adults aged 18 to 29 leading the charge. In contrast, approximately 10% of individuals over 60 share similar plans.

Domestic travel remains the preferred choice, with 57% of respondents opting to explore the rich diversity of landscapes within the United States.

Over 75% of surveyed adults are gearing up for road trips this summer, with individuals aged 45 to 60 taking the lead—nearly 85% in this age group intend to embark on a road trip. While many will opt for shorter drives of less than 100 or 250 miles, over 33% plan journeys exceeding 250 miles from home, with approximately 5.82% venturing beyond 1,000 miles.

Regarding the busiest travel weekends, the Fourth of July emerges as the frontrunner at 30%, closely followed by Memorial Day at nearly 22%, and Labor Day at 19%, while 54% prefer none of these times. Respondents had the option to select multiple dates, hence the percentages do not total 100.

Whether your dreams include sandy beaches, vibrant city streets, or serene countryside retreats, rest assured you won’t be alone in your adventures—whether by road or air.