Cape Coral’s popular water park, Sunsplash, is adding 60 days to its season this year.

For a month, no one could enjoy the slides, the pools are the stairs at Sunsplash Water Park.

Cape Coral is generally known for being a fun place for families to enjoy the sun.

But when Hurricane Ian hit and there was no water to safely operate, Sunsplash had to end the season early.

“We have offered our parking and parking to first responders and rescue teams. So they were actually on the property before we were, using our parking lot and the park as a springboard to help wherever they could to start that disaster recovery process,” said Ron McKenzie, director of marketing for ProParks Attractions Group.

And this is still the case almost four months after Ian.

There are trailers everywhere with signs designating the premises as a FEMA Recovery Center.

But if you take a second look, you’ll see that the team are also hard at work renovating the inside in preparation for a new season of fun.

The water park will reopen for season ticket holders on March 11. It will reopen to the public on March 18.

Sunsplash Water Park will reopen in March. (CREDIT: WINK News)

“We’re about to offer our longest season yet at Sunsplash. We have added 60 calendar days to our work calendar. So we’ll be open March 11, right through to Thanksgiving,” Mackenzie said.

That means kids of all ages will have more time to get lost in Pirate Cove or find the courage to go down Cape Fear.

McKenzie said he hopes to offer normalcy to clients and stable employment to job seekers.

“We have a job for you. We will be glad to see you; we welcome you with open arms,” Mackenzie said.

McKenzie said the hiring process is underway.

For information on how to apply, visit Sunsplash website.

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