Pump prices are rising, and the price of a gallon hasn’t been that high since 2008, but some of you are finding ways to save.

Gas prices are rising so fast that people tell WINK News that they can drive past the same gas station in an hour and see a price increase on the list of 30-40 cents. Fuel prices were rising even before Russia invaded Ukraine, and have grown even more since the start of the war. Several southwest Florida gas stations offered a gallon of gas for $ 3.99, others for more than $ 4.

WINK News spoke to some people who were filling their tanks at Cape Coral and asked them if they were considering changing their daily routine.

“I told my wife I was going to go see if I could get gasoline, which cost $ 3.59 a couple of days ago, and I rode around and just … took it, it’s $ 3.99 a gallon.” Said Mike Wagner.

“The bills are already high, and the gas … we don’t have to worry about paying almost $ 4, it’s like a gallon of milk, it’s crazy; I have to get on my bike, start riding my bike, ”Lisa Martes said

Tom Smythe, a finance professor at the University of the Gulf Coast of Florida, says there are several reasons why gas prices are soaring. The main violators are inflation and disconnection of oil supplies. Based on the current situation, he says that gas prices will continue to rise, but there is hope that it will not last long.

“Gas and oil prices are extremely volatile day by day, so try not to focus on the short term,” Smythe said. “Don’t go outside and don’t panic to buy.”

Until we start to see these prices go down, places like Sam’s Club do offer gas a few cents cheaper than other gas stations, but you need a membership to top up there.

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